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Dead World

Where the living may or may not be dead

Dead World: Out of Charater
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This is a zombie apocalypse based role playing site. This is not a Role Playing Game in the normal sense of there is a Game Master and a group of players, this is more of an interactive story where you write what happens to your character. The story will evolve as you write. There are no dice, and no statistics other then your character basics.
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First off your character is not God! Write realistically, if your character happens to die, then so be it. You can always make another one and work the new one into the story. Breaking this rule is likely to get your character killed and you kicked out of the community.

Second, please write descriptively! No: "I pull out my gun and kill the zombie." If you cannot write any more complex then that, then you have no business being here.

Third: Be creative. It gets monotonous when you write the same events over and over. Mix it up every once in a while.

And most importantly have fun, its not worth being here if you find this all boring.
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Setting: Our current setting is that of our world today as we know it: The issues with the Middle East are present, the government corruption and incompetence is also clear. Humanity as a whole has no knowledge about the chances of an undead outbreak, and therefore are not prepared for one. However this is what’s going to, in turn, be humanities downfall. Little does anyone know that a zombie apocalypse is just around the corner, the governments of the world will not have the power to stop it.

Character Generation:
Location: (city, state, country)
Profession (before outbreak):

Skills: (What kinds of things are you good at? Example: Cooking, Hunting, Metal Working, etc...)

Personality: (Habits, Quirks, How you react in combat or danger, Interactions with other people,etc...)

Equipment: (Subject to change)
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